Health in Gear – Truck Driver Wellbeing Program

In partnership with the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator, OzHelp is developing Health in Gear a health promotion and assistance program for owner drivers in the road transport industry.

Early in 2020, a broad range of stakeholders was brought together to understand the key issues that owner drivers face. Stakeholders included representatives from state and territory transport associations, ACT Ambulance, University of Wollongong, Australian Logistics Council, safety experts, and the owner drivers themselves.

The project has uncovered studies that indicate truck drivers’ life expectancy is 12 to 19 years less than the general population, resulting in some drivers not reaching retirement age. Truck drivers also experience a range of significant health issues including cardiovascular disease, sleep apnoea, fatigue, obesity, and mental health conditions.

OzHelp has since released its own literature review that draws on national and international research findings into the poor health outcomes of heavy vehicle truck drivers. The review findings provided an evidence-based foundation for OzHelp to engage with truck drivers. The outcome of a comprehensive co-design process is the Health in Gear program due for pilot in February 2021.

Download the Review

The program will offer face-to-face health and wellbeing ‘Truckie Tune Ups’ with our wellbeing support workers and nurses. The ‘Truckie Tune Ups’ will be offered in key locations within the ACT and NSW, with ongoing support being provided by telephone. The program will also offer health and wellbeing resources via the website (

If you would like more information or would like to get involved, please email