Supporting Your Workforce

Workforce Development


OzHelp specialises in developing and delivering programs that build healthier, supported and engaged workplaces.

Now reaching over 30,000 people per year, OzHelp has become the pre-eminent organisation in Australia delivering flexible workplace programs that support individuals, and build the capability of workplaces around health and wellbeing.

Have you ever wondered how health and wellbeing impacts on staff productivity?

OzHelp’s Workplace Tune Up measures this and much more.

Have you ever wanted to get comprehensive health and wellbeing data on your workforce?

OzHelp’s Workplace Tune Up uses world renowned health screening tools to measure employee wellbeing, diabetes risk, chronic disease risk, health literacy and much more

Have you ever wanted comprehensive data to inform your activities on employee health and wellbeing?

OzHelp’s online delivery options reach more employees than ever before

Have you ever wondered how your workplace compares to others in your industry?

OzHelp’s programs offer benchmarking to inform where you concentrate your activities

Have you ever wanted to proactively identify and support your employees?

OzHelp’s programs are specialised in the early identification of your employees in need of support

OzHelp’s Programs

OzHelp can help your organisation to build a resilient workplace that supports individuals, teams and Managers to deal effectively with times of change, high pressure and stress.

ASIST – for senior members of staff
‘Applied Suicide Intervention Support Training’ is a two-day critical incident and suicide prevention course.
ALERT – for the whole workforce
An awareness workshop designed to increase understanding about depression, anxiety, resilience and suicide, including warning signs to watch out for.
Tune-up Time
Quick 20 minute health checks in purpose built van with trained staff and nurse.
Confidential Counselling
Confidential support on or off site with qualified counsellors.
Conversations for Life (C4L) – for the whole workforce
This half day course will equip staff to be ready, willing and able to have the difficult conversation around wellbeing.
Support Visits
Trained staff drop in to provide assistance and build supportive relationships.
Critical Incident Response
Support from professional counsellors in response to a critical incident effecting your workplace.
Information Sessions
Presented by our staff covering a range of topics including bullying, stress, time management and financial literacy.

How we can help your workplace

We can meet with you to discuss your needs as a workplace and advise you which programs and services may work best.

We work with a diverse range of workplaces, and can help you to improve your workplace culture to one that is effective, engaged and productive.

Workplaces who encourage a focus on employee health and wellbeing can enjoy:

Being an employer of choice

Higher staff satisfaction

Higher worker engagement

Reduced absenteeism

Improved staff retention

Fewer injuries and workers’ compensation claims

Increased employee morale

Improved staff health

Increased productivity

Greater team cohesiveness