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Keeping Fit for Work

Most of us know that exercise is good for our physical health, improves our physique, and adds years to our lives. But exercise has other benefits too such as relieving stress in your body, nurturing your mental health, and boosting your immune system– all of which help your wellbeing at work.

Exercise boosts your alertness and energy by increasing the amount of blood flow your brain receives. You’ll feel more awake at work, have stronger memory connections in your brain, and a heightened ability to focus on tasks at hand. Go for a walk on your lunch break to see the difference it makes to your afternoon energy levels.

“According to the Australian Department of Health, we should be active on most, but preferably all, days of the week. This can be for 150 to 300 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity, or 75 to 150 minutes of vigorous intensity physical activity, or an equivalent combination of both moderate and vigorous activities, each week”.


By improving your cardiovascular health, exercise increases your levels of stamina to better meet the physical demands for your work. This reduces the risk of getting injured while at work and helps you to perform at your best. You don’t need to be a weight-lifter to reap the benefits, riding a bike or tending to your garden gets your heart beating harder.

Our mental health (including stress, depression, and anxiety) is greatly impacted by the amount we exercise. By releasing neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin, we feel happier and our minds are clearer. Exercise also breaks the tension in our bodies which helps us to deal with stress as it comes. If it feels overwhelming to exercise daily, stretching while watching TV is an easy way to start.

Your immune system is strengthened by promoting good health and circulation. This means that you are less likely to get sick and have days off work. If your body is feeling healthy every day you could also have higher productivity and attention levels – because most of us don’t get anything done if we are sick. An extra bonus is that physical activity helps you fall asleep and regulate your sleeping patterns, elevates your mood, is likely to increase your self-esteem, and offers a healthy way to cope with mental or emotional challenges as they arise.

So if you want to perform at your best, feel your healthiest, and look good doing it, exercising a little each day is the way to go.

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