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Meet Julie Learson – OzHelp’s new representative in Regional NSW

In a couple of sentences tell us when did you start, what is your role/position with OzHelp and tell us a bit about the region you work in?

Funding from the local Primary Health Network (PHN) has enabled the creation of my position. I began working with OzHelp in August 2017. My background in employment and business just  seemed to be the perfect mix to allow me to promote and sell Ozhelp’s exciting online Workplace Tune-Up to businesses in Central West and Far West NSW.

What are you enjoying the most about your new role?

I am enjoying offering a solution to people who work in my region. Often we discuss issues in the workplace such as absenteeism, mental health, staff turnover with the clients reporting their great concerns for their workers. When they hear about the wonderful work we do at OZHelp they really brighten up and get excited about being able to do something really effective and sometimes even life saving for their workers. I am enjoying working with the people in my region and being a positive contributor to their health and wellbeing offerings.

What have you noticed being out and about in the community whilst working for OzHelp?

My experience has been limited to businesses and I am finding that there is a fair amount of pressure on workers. In the ‘country’ many changes have occurred, services are limited and there is the issue of isolation. What I have also found however is a great openness to try new things and to be involved with solutions!

What is the one thing you would like people to know about OzHelp’s programs?

OzHelp’s programs work! They save lives, support people in the workplace and provide practical tools for organisation to build a better culture.


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