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OzHelp is delighted to announce the appointment of Darren Black as its new National CEO as OzHelp heads into a period of growth to meet the increasing need for its workplace wellbeing, mental health and suicide prevention services.

Darren is a former Army Officer and UN Peacekeeper who, since leaving the Military, has committed himself to For Purpose organisations.  He has been the CEO of YMCA ACT, Outward Bound Australia, and the NSW PCYC (Police Citizens Youth Club).

“Darren brings to OzHelp great leadership skills and passion which will be vital in our next stage of development,” OzHelp Board Chair Hugh Chalmers said today.

“His commitment to For Purpose organisations and his leadership and management experience, including as CEO in national and state community organisations over more than a decade, are fundamental for our plans for the future – to ensure that as many people in workforces across Australia benefit from the services and supports which OzHelp provides.”

OzHelp is a leader in workplace wellbeing, mental health and suicide prevention services and provides a unique range of services into Australian workplaces, blending online and face-to -face wellbeing assessments, training and counselling.

OzHelp was founded in 2001 in the ACT region jointly by the construction industry’s 2 major employer and employee organisations, as a response to the death by suicide of a number of young building apprentices in Canberra.

Over the past 17 years, OzHelp has significantly expanded its operations into other male-dominated industries and into other sectors and other regions across Australia with support from the Australian, ACT and Northern Territory Governments, its original founders and by an increasing number of community and industry groups

“We know that being at work is an important factor in living a rewarding and contributing life, but we also know that workplaces can be stressful, and that it is also often hard to leave your personal life outside of your working life,” Mr Chalmers said.

“That’s why a focus on workplace health and wellbeing is so important. We need to support people at work to ensure that creating a mentally healthy workplace is recognised as just as important for the organisation as is creating a physically healthy and safe workplace.”

Mr Black said he was delighted to be appointed as CEO of an organisation which has such a strong track record in supporting people in the workplace.

“OzHelp has evidence-based programs which have been demonstrated to be highly effective, and I therefore am delighted to support and strive to achieve OzHelp’s vision – indeed, I would say its responsibility – to provide those services into as many workplaces and to as many people as possible,” he said.

“This is a very crucial and exciting time in workplaces in every industry as more and more employers realise the benefits of supporting the physical, mental, social and emotional wellbeing of employees, to both enable them to live healthy and thriving lives, and to maximise workplace productivity.”

OzHelp is a leading provider of wellbeing programs nationally and specialises in mental health and suicide prevention. OzHelp engages with businesses and workers to:

  • optimise their resilience
  • increase their willingness and ability to seek support when they need it
  • increase their willingness and ability to offer supports to others

OzHelp does this by delivering ground-breaking, online screening and educational tools, backed up by real-time supports via phone or face-to-screen technology, making health and wellbeing awareness, screening and support accessible to workers nation-wide regardless of remoteness.

“As a result of our use of technology and our employment of highly skilled and compassionate people we now are able to deliver life-saving programs to any workplace setting in any location across Australia,” Mr Chalmers said.

OzHelp can be contacted on 1300 694357.

For anyone who requires urgent help or support, please contact the following National 24/7 Crisis Services


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