National Suicide Prevention Leadership and Support Program, Australian Government

OzHelp is funded by the Australian Government Department of Health under the National Suicide Prevention Leadership and Support Program. Broadly, the program supports the Australian Government’s approach to suicide prevention by funding a range of national projects designed to reduce deaths by suicide across the Australian population, and among at risk groups and to reduce suicidal behaviour.

The program objectives are to:

  • facilitate leadership, strategic partnerships and collaboration in the suicide prevention sector
  • reduce the prevalence of suicide and suicidal behaviours in Australia and the impact on individuals, their families and communities
  • build the evidence-base to enable continued improvements in suicide prevention and ensure the evidence base is shared and translated into best practice across the sector
  • reduce the prevalence of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander suicide and the impact on individuals, their families and communities
  • reduce the stigma around suicide and raise awareness of suicide prevention
  • provide support and care to individuals at heightened risk of suicide.

Under the program OzHelp delivers programs to hard-to-reach individuals working in high risk industries, including building and construction, transport and agricultural and farming industries. It provides support where individuals are open to participating, including workplaces, social activities and ‘safe’ peer groups, and community settings. Its programs help individuals to better understand and maintain their health and wellbeing and take actions to address identified issues. Research shows that programs like those offered by OzHelp have been effective in improving an individual’s understanding of mental health and suicide prevention; increasing intentions to seek help and offer help to others.

OzHelp’s programs have been jointly developed with individuals that work in high risk industries and that are less likely to engage with mainstream services. The programs operate across four priority areas:

  • screening and early intervention, to identify physical health issues and mental health symptoms, and provide an opportunity for personal support and counselling, and referral to other services
  • wellbeing empowerment to help individuals better understand their health and wellbeing, provide strategies to self-manage health and mental health issues, understand the signs of distress in themselves and others, and to seek help
  • peer supporter training to help build the capacity of individuals to notice the signs of distress in others, offer support and connect them to help
  • personal support and counselling.

OzHelp programs are scalable and can be delivered in workplaces of any size and location, including regional, rural and remote areas.

The benefits of OzHelp programs to individuals include:

  • reduction in stigma and increased awareness of mental health
  • identification of issues with step-by-step process for taking action
  • capacity to seek and access help
  • a pathway of support
  • a positive ripple effect that benefits individuals, their families, and the communities in which they live and socialise.

Our programs are delivered by OzHelp staff from a variety of backgrounds, all with a passion for making a difference in mental health and suicide prevention. Our staff build trust and rapport with individual workers, providing proactive support and connecting them to other programs and services as required.

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