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Safer gambling

People can develop a problem with gambling for a whole host of reasons. Most people have spent money on gambling at some point in their life e.g. buying a raffle ticket. For many people it is an activity that they do simply to entertain themselves. For others it can become a problem and have a negative impact on their quality of life.

  • Gambling can be fun but it is not a way to make money or recoup losses.
  • Set your own limits. How long to play, how much to spend and stop if you reach your limit.
  • Gambling costs to play. Use the money set aside for it, not money meant for other things or borrowed money.
  • Deal with problems that crop up. Gambling won’t make things better.
  • Stay sober when gambling. Avoid a gambling hangover.
  • Look after yourself. Spend some time doing different things you enjoy.

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