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How you can help a mate?


Having someone to share problems with can be a big help. If you feel your mate is struggling, just asking the question, ‘Are you OK?’ and listening to them, can help them through a tough time.

Things you might notice

Moody Distant
Attitude change
Increased use of drugs and/or alcohol
Carelessness and risk taking
Giving away possessions
Putting affairs in order
Preparing to go away

Things you might hear

Giving up

Watch for warning signs

Family crisis
Relationship breakdown
Recent loss
Anniversary of a friend or relative’s death
Drug and/or alcohol dependence
Mental illness
Financial crisis

Call OzHelp

If you’re talking to a mate who’s having some issues, but you’re not sure how you can help
don’t hesitate to contact OzHelp on their behalf. We can arrange a field visit to meet your mate onsite.