Prepare to Eat Well

When you’re starting early and working long hours or eating away from home, there are small actions you can take to prepare for keeping your body and brain well nourished.

Why it matters.

  • Good nutrition improves your wellness and gives you energy.
  • At least two standard serves of fruit and five standard serves of different coloured vegetables across the day will give your body vitamins and minerals it needs to be well.
  • Good nutrition can reverse health problems and help you avoid conditions like type 2 diabetes, obesity and depression.

What should I do?

  • Eat nutritious food at regular times – schedule it.
  • Plan to eat mostly from your fridge or Esky.
  • Plan serving sizes.

How should I do it?

Eat nutritious food at regular times – schedule it.
  • Plan your food for the whole day and plan to eat most of your food earlier in your day.
  • Plan to eat all your food within a 12 hour window. Your body needs the other 12 hours every 24 to finish processing the food you eat. Your body sleeps better when your stomach is not full. Read more here
  • Schedule what you will eat and at what time. Set reminders in your phone.
Plan to eat mostly from your fridge or Esky.
  • Place your Esky within easy reach.
  • Take frozen meals from home and heat in the microwave oven.

TIP: The National Heart Foundation of Australia has a list of recipes that can be pre-made, frozen and reheated for a meal break.

You can sign up for a Healthy Dinner Plan that is designed for you by the Heart Foundation.

Plan serving sizes.
  • Use collapsible silicon tubs or plastic tubs to divide daily food into standard-sized serves to eat at meal times or as snack

TIP: The National Heart Foundation of Australia recipes tell you the number of serves that you can get from each recipe they have listed.

NOTE: standard-sized serves are also described as standard-sized portions. 1 standard serve = 1 standard portion.


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