Workplace Tune-Up

The Workplace Tune Up (WTU) is a health and wellbeing screening tool incorporating reliable and validated measures delivered online. This innovative market leading tool includes a bench-marked report to employers giving them a snapshot of the overall health of their workforce. The participants on the other hand receive tailored results and recommendations as well as ongoing support from the OzHelp wellbeing support team.

The Workplace Tune Up is endorsed by Nutrition Australia (ACT) and The Heart Foundation and was designed in collaboration with the University of Wollongong Graduate School of Medicine.

Benefits for employers:

•  Workforce screening and benchmark report
•  Prescribed programs mapped to identified areas of risk
•  Impact reporting to measure the effectiveness of interventions

Benefits for employees:

• Personalised report and recommendations
• Confidential coaching and crisis referrals.

To hear more about the WTU contact OzHelp on 1300 694 357 or test the employer DEMO here