We can all play a part

World Suicide Prevention Day (10th September) is an annual day for raising awareness and action for suicide prevention.

This year, the date coincides with R U OK? Day and we are encouraging our community to play a part by thinking about how we can all support suicide prevention initiatives within the community.

For some people reading about suicide can be distressing. If you are concerned about how you are feeling, or worried about someone you know please reach out to our team on 1300 964 357 or call Lifeline 13 11 14.

Together we can make a difference

OzHelp and RUOK Team

Sadly in Australia, suicide is a leading cause of death and has significant impacts on individuals, families, workplaces and our communities. On average 8 Australians take their lives each day. Over 10 million Australian adults are estimated to know someone who has died by suicide.

Suicide is a challenging and complex issue. OzHelp acknowledges that people are affected by suicide in many different ways, and believes we can all work together to make a difference by increasing our understanding, reducing stigma and speaking openly and safely about suicide.

The following suggestions offer practical ideas to help get you started in supporting others and preventing suicide.
Consider if you are able to implement any of these to play a part in World Suicide Prevention Day and R U OK? Day 2020.

  • Look after yourself: If you are having a tough time, there are many people who can support you. Reach out to someone you trust who will listen with compassion and acceptance, and be there for you.
  • Start a conversation: It won’t always be obvious when someone’s not doing well but there are changes you can look out for. R U OK?’s conversation guide is a great resource to help inspire and empower meaningful connections. Download the guide and get involved with R U OK?’s There’s more to say after R U OK? theme for 2020
  • Complete a course: Sign-up for a suicide awareness or suicide intervention course. For more information about OzHelp’s programs Conversations for Life and ASIST contact us here
  • Avoid judgement: One of the barriers to seeking help is often fear of harsh judgement. We can help by avoiding comments, opinions or behaviours that show negative judgements, assumptions or misunderstandings about people with mental-ill health, suicidal thoughts or experiences.
  • Mind your language: Using language that stigmatises, sensationalises, blames or belittles people who are experiencing crises, mental ill-health or suicidal thoughts is harmful. Avoid labels and negative language. Together our words and actions can reduce stigma. Visit Everymind for a summary of preferred language to use when communicating about suicide.
  • Normalise help seeking: Everyone has the right to safe and supportive care. Normalising conversations about suicide prevention and mental health is a start. We should also practice our own positive help seeking, and encourage others to link in with supports when they need it.
  • Learn and be informed by lived experience: individuals who have experienced suicidal thoughts, survived a suicide attempt, cared for loved ones through crisis, or been bereaved through suicide, can provide powerful insights and opportunities to inform, influence and enhance suicide prevention activities. Links to explore this topic include: Lifeline’s Holding onto Hope Podcast: personal lived experience shared openly and courageously in order to offer hope and inspiration to others. Roses in the Ocean: Australia’s leading lived experience of suicide organisation which exists to reduce emotional pain and distress and to save lives.
  • Bust some myths: be a part of busting the common misconceptions by better supporting those affected by suicide.
  • Light a candle: Join the international World Suicide Prevention Day campaign and light a candle near a window at 8pm to show your support for suicide prevention, to remember a lost loved one, and for the survivors of suicide.

OzHelp Community Pledges

There's more to say after R U OK?

OzHelp’s role in Suicide Prevention

OzHelp is accredited under the National Standards for Mental Health Services and has been selected by the Federal Department of Health to deliver the National Suicide Prevention Leadership and Support Program

Our tailored workplace programs provide practical, evidence-based support options for employers and staff. These programs include:

  • Health and wellbeing screening.
  • Suicide prevention training and mental health education workshops.
  • Face-to-face and telephone counselling.
  • Referral pathways to other professional care.

Contact us to learn more about OzHelp’s programs for your workplace

Need to talk to someone?

Reading about suicide can be distressing.

If you need to talk, you can catch an OzHelp support worker during business hours on 1300 694 357 (9am- 5pm, Mon – Fri, AEST) or email us here 

National crisis support lines are also available:

Lifeline: 13 11 14,

Lifeline Text: 0477 13 11 14,  6pm – midnight (AEDT), 7 nights a week

Suicide Call Back Services  – 1300 659 467