OzHelp strives to provide services with honesty and integrity, free from discrimination, and as such believe it’s vital that clients understand their rights. You are invited to view OzHelp’s client rights and responsibilities, client service charter, privacy policy and whistleblower policy below. 

If you have you have feedback or would like to make a complaint, you can submit your feedback anonymously should you wish. We welcome feedback via the form at the bottom of this page.

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The OzHelp Foundation’s Vision, Mission and Values underpin a strong commitment to maintaining high standards of corporate governance, compliance and general ethical behaviour.

OzHelp is committed to detecting and preventing illegal, unethical or other undesirable conduct. This policy provides a way for employees, volunteers, clients, vendors, contractors or others to report their concerns confidentially, freely and without fear of repercussion.

OzHelp’s Whistleblower Policy is in place to provide these people a process to make anonymous complaints about matters they encounter.

All people utilising this policy will be treated fairly and with strict confidentiality. There are a number of policies that allow staff or clients to report wrongdoing:


  • Culture Charter
  • Bullying and Harassment Policy and Procedure
  • Internal Grievances and Disputes Policy and Procedure


  • Client Rights and Responsibilities
  • Client Service Charter
  • Complaints Management Policy and Procedure

In situations where these policies or procedures are not applicable, it may become necessary for an individual to take action as a Whistelblower.

This Policy applies to all employees, volunteers, clients, vendors, contractors or any other person with knowledge of any suspected wrongdoing or unethical behaviour related to the conduct of OzHelp’s business or staff.

The Whistleblower Policy and Procedure can be viewed here.


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