OzHelp is a leading provider of workplace wellbeing programs specialising in mental health and suicide prevention.

OzHelp’s evidence-based, proactive health and wellbeing programs are designed to assist employers to create mentally healthy workplaces by supporting individuals to achieve and maintain their best possible health and wellbeing.

Accredited under the National Standards for Mental Health Services, OzHelp is leading the sector in innovation and has been selected by the Federal Department of Health to deliver the National Suicide Prevention Leadership Strategy.

CEO’s Message

Darren Black

Work is an important factor in living a rewarding and contributing life, but we know that workplaces can be stressful, and that it is also often hard to leave your personal life outside of your working life. That’s why a focus on workplace health and wellbeing is so important. We need to support people at work and ensure that creating a mentally healthy workplace is recognised as just as important for the organisation and its employees as is creating a physically healthy and safe workplace.


The OzHelp Foundation Ltd (OzHelp) was established in 2001 after David O’Bryan, a young building apprentice from Canberra, took his own life. That same year, three others who were connected to the ACT building and construction industry died by suicide within a three-month period.

These events brought together David’s mother Loraine O’Bryan with representatives from the Master Builders Association (MBA) ACT and the Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union ACT Branch (CFMEU) who sought action to address the wellbeing and care of industry apprentices. The collaboration between Loraine, the CFMEU, the MBA and the ACT Government was instrumental in the formation of OzHelp.

The MBA and the CFMEU are the Founding Members of OzHelp and have actively and continuously supported and promoted the objectives and purpose of OzHelp since its inception.

Our Vision & Purpose


Our vision is to reduce the incidence of suicide and mental ill-health, and to enable positive workforce wellbeing across Australia.


We exist to prevent suicide, promote mental health and empower people to flourish and thrive.

Our Values

In pursuing our vision, our values sum up what we stand for, they set the standard for how we conduct ourselves as an organisation and how we communicate to others. These values will remain at the forefront of everything we do.


We strive for excellence in our programs, client services and operations while leading contemporary and clinical best practice.


We will actively celebrate the diverse and unique perspectives and experiences of all. We embrace an organisational culture of mutual respect and take time to develop relationships through meaningful communication and connection.


Trust remains at the heart of our relationships with others. We make a conscious commitment to be transparent and truthful. We will remain accountable for our actions and give honest feedback.


We maintain a consistent and uncompromising commitment to strong moral and ethical principles. Our actions are sincere, and we will remain dedicated and considered even in the most difficult of situations.

Teamwork & Collaboration

We nurture a collaborative culture that builds upon the individual strengths of our staff and partners so that we can work cooperatively to achieve the maximum reach and impact with our programs.