2020/21 Year in Review

OzHelp’s 2021 Annual Report provides an overview of OzHelp’s projects, programs and support.

The Covid-19 pandemic continued to impact the delivery of services however through online programs and campaigns, OzHelp increased its reach by 20 percent and reported a 19 percent increase in demand for its services – health screening, training and support.

OzHelp would like to thank its funding partners and the businesses and individuals who provide funding and support to improve the mental health and wellbeing of people at risk of suicide.

Reach + Impact

During 2020/21

48,000+ individuals

connected with OzHelp’s services, information, tools and awareness campaigns.


increased reach during the 2020/21 period.


increase in demand for health screening, training and support.

Early Intervention Health Screening

OzHelp’s early intervention health screening use a comprehensive range of questions related to health and wellbeing to accurately provide individuals with assessments of their health and wellbeing across a range of indicators.

Assessment is used as a pathway to providing further information, education and wellbeing support.

Wellbeing Education

OzHelp’s training is focused on prevention and early intervention—across health, wellbeing, mental health and suicide prevention.

Through education and access to wellbeing support, OzHelp helps participants to cope with life’s challenges, engage in self-care and seek help for themselves or for others, when required.

Wellbeing Support + Counselling

OzHelp wellbeing support workers follow-up with participants who are identified as at-risk through an early intervention health screening program.

Support is provided for a range of issues including family, relationship and financial issues, suicide-related, workplace issues, mental health, alcohol and drug use, gambling and anger management.

Wellbeing support workers refer individuals to OzHelp’s trained counsellors as well as other services.

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