Health promotion and assistance program targeting owner drivers

OzHelp has received funding from the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator to develop a health promotion and assistance program for owner drivers. The Heavy Vehicle Safety Initiative grant funding is targeting owner drivers in recognition that they have less access to resources to support and strengthen their health and wellbeing.

The sedentary nature of the road transport industry, combined with typically long workdays, contributes to poorer health and wellbeing outcomes.

In comparison with the Australian population, this occupation group is at higher risk of developing chronic disease and injuries and is more likely to struggle with mental ill-health and fatigue.

Not surprisingly, truck drivers have a life expectancy that is between 12-19 years less than the general population; and are four times more likely to get injured at work.

OzHelp is working closely with owner drivers, industry leaders and other experts to develop a program that is meaningful and relevant. Integral to our stakeholder engagement is a commitment to co-designing solutions with owner drivers and comprehensive field testing.

If you would like more information about the project or would like to get involved, please contact

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