Practicing affirmation will prepare your mind to be focused, productive and well every day.

Why it matters.

  • Affirmations are short, powerful, positive statements of action that you start your day with and repeat through the day.
  • Repeating affirmations when you first wake up tells your brain how you want to live through your day. (takes 30 seconds)
  • Repeating affirmations through the day keeps you focused and productive. (takes 10 seconds)
  • Repeat affirmations while you are driving or during a break.

What should I do?

Tips for effective affirmations:
  • Prepare your affirmation in advance.
  • Write your affirmation in your phone or a small notebook you can keep in your pocket. Your affirmation should be short, sharp and focused on now (I am instead of I’m going to).
  • List your negative qualities and flip them in your affirmations: if you are stressed and angry your affirmation could be “I am stress-free and calm”.
  • Experiment with how different affirmations make you feel. Choose the affirmation that leads to you feeling focused and confident.
  • As you repeat your affirmation, imagine yourself as that person. If your affirmation is “I am stress-free and calm” – imagine yourself as that stress-free and calm person.
  • Repeat your affirmation with energy and a smile (science shows this magnifies the benefits of your affirmation).
  • Make your affirmation part of your routine. Repeat your affirmation as though you mean it (with energy and a smile), even when you don’t feel like you mean it. (“Fake it till you make it”).
  • Repeat the affirmation throughout the day – schedule it. Combine it with taking deep breaths for double benefit.
  • Change your affirmations when you need to flip a different negative quality about yourself.

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