Prepare for a Well Mind

When you work long hours or are regularly away from home there are small actions you can take to prepare your mind to be focused, productive and well every day.

Why it matters.

Our minds need purpose and stillness to function at their best.

  • The single best way to have a happier and more productive life is to live with a strong sense of purpose.
  • People who live with a strong sense of purpose are less likely to develop heart disease, stress and depression.

What should I do?

  • Use gratitude and affirmation to prepare your mind to be well.
  • Schedule time for healthy things each day.

How should I do it?

Use gratitude and affirmation to prepare your mind to be well.
  • Time spent on gratitude and affirmation builds your sense of purpose.
  • Gratitude and affirmation improve focus and productivity.
  • Time spent on gratitude and affirmation is made up for in time saved by improved focus and productivity through the day.
    • Schedule gratitude and affirmation for the first 15 minutes after you wake each day.
      • How you use your brain in the first 15 minutes of your day sets up your brain’s ability to focus and be productive for the remainder of the day.
    • Schedule gratitude and affirmation for once every hour – to top up your focus and productivity – throughout your day. Set reminders with different alarms on your phone.

TIP: Combining gratitude and affirmation with “relaxation snacks” improves the benefits you receive. Read more here

Schedule time for healthy things each day.
  • Time you spend purposefully doing healthy things will physically and mentally recharge your body and brain.
    • The time spent is made up for by improved focus and productivity in the remainder of your day.
  • Schedule something that brings you joy.
    • It might be as simple as listening to your favourite song at the same time each day.
    • You can do this in your breaks, while travelling or at home.
  • Schedule time for learning something new.
    • It might be something as small as learning a new word.
    • You can do this while you drive.
  • Schedule movement or exercise “snacks”. Read more here
    • Walk wherever and whenever you can.
  • Schedule a few minutes each day to do nothing. Read more here
      • It might feel like you are wasting time. But a few minutes of purposefully allowing your muscles to let go and your mind to be still will improve your energy, focus, productivity and problem solving when you get back to it.

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