Health in Trades

When times are tough, there is help.

OzHelp’s Health in Trades Program Builds on Mental Health and Wellbeing Foundations 

OzHelp has had a long-standing commitment to delivering health and wellbeing services to Australia’s building and construction industry, and Health in Trades is a hard hat tip to the industry for which the Foundation was born to support.  

Backed by over 20 years of experience, in-depth industry knowledge extensive customer and client relationships and voice of lived experience, the Health in Trades program stream was developed to meet the continually evolving needs of the building and construction industry, supporting businesses and their people.

OzHelp is accredited under the Australian Government National Standards for Mental Health Services and several core initiatives to the Health in Trades program received accreditation under the Suicide Prevention Australia Accreditation Program in late 2022.  

Programs such as the Tradie Tune Up (onsite health checks), counselling and wellbeing support services and the Workplace Tune Up program evaluated against six national suicide prevention standards to ensure they are targeted, outcomes-based, and provide a consistent, high-quality and safe standard of care.  

Free counselling and 24/7 support for building and construction workers and their families

It’s important to remember that you don’t need to be in crisis to seek help. Whether you have had a bad day, need someone to listen, or just want to have a chat, OzHelp is here to support you. Our team of qualified staff understand the unique challenges of the industry and can offer free phone support and counselling to workers and their families in the building and construction industry. Access 24/7 phone support by calling 1300 694 357 or book into a counselling session below.

How Health in Trades can help

Early Intervention Health Checks

We are proud to offer our Tradie Tune Ups (TTUs) and Workplace Tune Ups (WTUs) with a health professional right onsite with you.

OzHelp are proud to have the Tradie Tune Up and Workplace Tune-Up Programs accredited under the Suicide Prevention Australia Accreditation Program.

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Free Counselling

OzHelp’s private and confidential counselling service helps clients address issues including but not limited to anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, mental and physical health, bullying, social isolation, family and relationship conflict, alcohol and other drugs (AOD) and issues with work.

Our team of qualified counsellors can be accessed face-to-face, via zoom, or over the phone, and can link you to appropriate further referral pathways if needed.

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Onsite BBQ and Toolbox Talks

BBQs mean a lot to us at Health in Trades. It isn’t just the delicious smell of cooked onions or having a fresh hot snag for smoko, but instead its about the quality conversations we get to have with you! Pair your BBQ with a Toolbox Talk across a wide range of presentations on physical and mental health topics.

Health Tips

Information to help you stay focused, safe and productive while improving your physical, mental, and financial wellness.

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External Support Resources

Looking for more resources?

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