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With over 20 years’ experience, OzHelp are a national leader in providing health and wellbeing support to workplaces and individuals. We have developed evidence-based, scalable, accessible and cost-effective programs that assist employers in creating resilient, mentally healthy workplaces by helping individual employees achieve their best possible mental health and wellbeing.

Service Offerings

Planning and Advisory Services

Through undertaking an in-depth analysis of your workplace, OzHelp works to understand your goals and objectives and helps identify the next steps for you to achieve them. The analysis is conducted against OzHelp’s health and wellbeing maturity model which aids in recognising any existing gaps in the current approach to psychological safety, whilst providing recommendations on how to improve them.

Early Intervention Health Screening

These health screens are often referred to as Tune Ups, it is a convenient way for your workforce to access health screens whilst onsite or on the road. Our wellbeing support workers and nurses provide a quick health assessment to individuals and will link workers to ongoing support and referral pathways if needed.

Tradie & Truckie Tune Ups | 6 – 16 people | 1 full day

  • 20 mins per check
  • one-on-one pre-screening health questionnaire with one of our wellbeing support workers around lifestyle and wellbeing
  • followed by a one-on-one consultation with one of our nurses to go through diabetes risk assessment & blood pressure. Cholesterol checks are also available but only for Tradie Tune Ups & Workplace Tune Ups.
  • each participant is emailed their results and referral to specified resources to help improve wellbeing
  • follow up phone call at 3 weeks, 3 months & 6 months

Workplace Tune Ups | 20 – 30 people | 1 full day

  • 20 mins per check
  • in depth digital pre-screening health questionnaire around lifestyle and wellbeing
  • followed by a consultation with one of our nurses to go through diabetes risk assessment, cholesterol, and blood pressure
  • each participant is emailed their results and referral to specified resources to help improve wellbeing
  • a follow up if any results are outside of the recommended parameters
  • deidentified Workplace Tune Up report is provided to the employer to help provide scope for the business to target health initiatives to areas of highest risk
  • 12 months of ongoing support and coaching from the OzHelp Wellbeing Support Team
  • option to add 6 months onsite follow-up with Workplace Tune Up participants to see how their tracking

Wellbeing @ Work

8-20 People | 30 Minutes | In-Person

Wellbeing @ Work is a dynamic and interactive program, delivered onsite. It focuses on five domains of wellbeing – Connection, Exercise, Nutrition, Sleep and Mood; providing an opportunity for employees to evaluate how they are managing the everyday requirements of life. It also identifies potential barriers to having optimal wellbeing and what practical steps one can take to improve their physical and mental health.

Toolbox Chats

8 – 20 people | 15 – 20 minutes

Toolbox Chats are a suite of 20-minute presentations on a range of physical and mental health topics. The sessions are suitable for presentation during start up meetings onsite, during a BBQ or events. These sessions can be delivered as an individual topic or grouped together depending on the requirement of the workplace. Links to digital resources can be provided after each session for distribution throughout your workforce.

Wellbeing Empowerment Program

8-12 People | 2 Hours | In-Person or Online

A two-hour interactive session that aims to enhance participants’ knowledge and understanding of wellbeing and mental health. The program includes a Workplace Tune Up, an online health assessment that provides a snapshot of your physical, mental health & wellbeing. The program aims to inspire individuals, by way of SMART goalsetting, to improve their wellbeing while supporting those around them.

Life Skills Toolbox

8-12 People | 6 x 3 Hour Modules | In-Person

Life Skills Toolbox is a health and wellbeing program which supports apprentices in high risk, hard to reach industries. The program assists participants with identifying resources and building the skills needed to navigate life’s challenges, while also addressing psychosocial risk factors for suicide. Topics covered include building resilience, workplace culture and communication, financial health, physical and mental health, wellbeing, alcohol and other drugs, gambling and how to help a mate who is doing it tough.

At present, the LSTB is undergoing a revision and overhaul of content as part of gaining accreditation through SPA, ensuring OzHelp continues to implement safe, high-quality, and effective suicide prevention programs. Assessment against the SPA Standards assists OzHelp to continually review, evaluate and improve training content while providing assurance to consumers and funding providers that the suicide prevention programs delivered by OzHelp are safe, high-quality and effective.

Peer Supporter Program

8 – 12 people | 3.5 hours | In-person

The Peer Supporter Program equips participants with skills to identify when someone may be struggling with their mental health, how to have a supportive conversation, and connect others to appropriate support services, as well as enhancing participants understanding of mental health and wellbeing, increasing their ability to manage or respond to life’s demands. Peer Supporters will complete QPR training, receiving valuable instruction towards reducing suicidal behaviours and saving lives through practical and proven suicide prevention training.

Leader Support Program

8 – 12 people | 3.5 hours | In-person or online

The Leader Support Program delivers an innovative template for business leaders and management to oversee the health and wellbeing of themselves and staff. The program focuses on establishing appropriate work boundaries, while providing skills and tools to deal with everyday life including achieving work/life balance, maintaining good mental health and wellbeing, as well as how to have supportive conversations and making positive changes through SMART goal setting.

Counselling and Support

Our wellbeing support team will follow-up with anyone who has presented as at-risk through the health screen or during a training session.

Anyone who participates in an OzHelp program is provided with support to help them develop plans and/or tools to address their concerns, or refer them to other services such as their doctor, a counsellor, a psychologist, or crisis services.

  • Building and construction or related industry workers and their families can access free counselling and 24/7 phone support by calling OzHelp on 1300 694 357 available 24/7.
  • Transport and logistics workers and their families can access free counselling and 24/7 phone support by calling Health in Gear on 1800 464 327 available 24/7.

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