Planning and Advisory

Supporting workplaces in identifying and implementing positive change that leads to a mentally healthier work environment.

OzHelp delivers a best practice model informed by the national approach to work related psychological health and safety.​ OzHelp’s systematic approach aims to positively impact the psychological climate in workplaces across four key areas including: Harm prevention, Early Intervention, Supporting Recovery and Health Initiatives.

How it works

Through undertaking an in-depth analysis of your workplace, OzHelp works to understand your goals and objectives and helps identify the next steps for you to achieve them.

The analysis is conducted against OzHelp’s health and wellbeing maturity model which aids in recognising any existing gaps in the current approach to psychological safety, whilst providing recommendations on how to improve them.

Where we focus

Harm Prevention

Work-related psychosocial hazards and factors, assessing risks assessing risks and the implementation of effective measures to control them.

Early Intervention

Supports that are available to workers who may be showing early signs of struggling and assistance for individuals who may be at risk of developing a psychological injury.

Supporting Recovery

Recovery and rehabilitation support for workers who have developed a psychological injury or mental illness to help them to recover and return to sustainable and meaningful work.

Health Initiatives

That include good physical and mental health, is considered best practice and is beneficial for workers, when data informed, and long-term strategy is developed.

Why it’s important

  • Whilst not all mental-ill health is caused at work, employers have responsibilities under work health and safety laws to ensure that psychosocial hazards are effectively managed.
  • 81% of company leaders indicate they have mental health support for their workers. 35% of employees say they don’t know they exist.
  • Over $40b is lost in Australian productivity every year due to mental ill health.
  • Average ROI of $2.30 per dollar spent on effective mental health strategies – where presenteeism, absenteeism and workers comp claims are reduced by 33%.
  • Mental illness is the leading cause of sickness, absence, and longterm work incapacity in Australia.


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