About Us

About OzHelp

OzHelp is a national leader in providing health and wellbeing programs for workers in high-risk, hard-to-reach industries.

OzHelp has been operating for over 20 years and is focused on reaching and supporting these priority groups. OzHelp’s outreach approach takes support to workplaces and communities across Australia, with a specific focus on building and construction, transport and farming and agriculture industries.

OzHelp’s evidence-informed health and wellbeing programs help individuals build awareness of risk and protective factors for mental health and suicide, adopt self-management strategies and seek help if required; build the capacity of individuals to notice the signs of distress in others, offer support and connect them to help; and provides early intervention health screening and access to personal support and counselling.

OzHelp is accredited under the Australian Government National Standards for Mental Health Services.

Our History

The OzHelp Foundation Ltd (OzHelp) was established in 2001 after David O’Bryan, a young building apprentice from Canberra, took his own life. That same year, three others who were connected to the ACT building and construction industry died by suicide within a three-month period.

These events brought together David’s mother Loraine O’Bryan with representatives from the Master Builders Association (MBA) ACT and the Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union ACT Branch (CFMEU) who sought action to address the wellbeing and care of industry apprentices. The collaboration between Loraine, the CFMEU, the MBA and the ACT Government was instrumental in the formation of OzHelp.

The MBA ACT remains as a Founding Member of OzHelp and has actively and continuously supported and promoted the objectives and purpose of OzHelp since its inception.

Vision, Mission and values


An Australia without suicide.


Transforming the mental health and wellbeing of workers in high-risk, hard to reach industries.


As a customer-focused organisation, our values demonstrate the standards that we commit to in our work and everything we do through:

  • Excellence in delivery of our services and clinical best practice
  • Nurturing a culture of teamwork and collaboration
  • Embracing diversity in people, views and ideas
  • Commitment to transparency, integrity and accountability

Our Impact

With over 20 years' experience, OzHelp are a national leader in providing health and wellbeing support to workplaces and individuals. We have developed evidence-based, scalable, accessible and cost-effective programs that assist employers in creating resilient, mentally healthy workplaces by helping individual employees achieve their best possible mental health and wellbeing.


counselling sessions conducted in 2021-22


individuals have connected with OzHelp’s services throughout 2021-22


health screens completed over 2021-22

Our Reach

OzHelp brings health and wellbeing support to individuals in high-risk, hard to reach industries, who may not otherwise reach out or contact services for help. It delivers programs where they are open to participating, in workplace and community settings.