Choose Well

Too much alcohol can be harmful to your health and wellbeing, and can affect all aspects of your life including your job, your finances, your family and your community

Why Choosing Well matters

  • Alcohol reduces the normal function of almost all your body’s cells and systems. 
  • Alcohol can affect your mental health and amplify feelings of anxiety and depression. 
  • Alcohol reduces your body’s water reserves and leads to dehydration. 
  • Most of the alcohol you drink gets converted to fat. 
  • Drinking alcohol can decrease sex drive and performance. 
  • Alcohol increases your risk of some cancers, as well as an increased risk of high blood pressure and heart disease. 
  • Alcohol can affect the quality of your sleep and disrupt your natural sleep cycle. 
  • Alcohol can reduce your inhibitions and lead you to behave in a way you normally wouldn’t.
  • How you behave when drinking could affect your friendships, your work and your family.
  • If you drink a lot or become dependent on alcohol, your drinking could also impact you financially.

What can I do to Choose Well?

Australian guidelines recommend having no more than 10 standard drinks a week, less if you have a health problem. 

  • Eat before and during drinking sessions. 
  • Try to drink plenty of water (not sugary or energy drinks). 
  • Set yourself a drinks limit before you start drinking. 
  • Count your drinks. 
  • Try not to drink alcohol too close to sleep 

Tips to choose well

Before a drinking session it is good to:

  • Eat a meal before drinking alcohol
  • Set yourself a “drinks limit” before you start drinking alcohol.
  • Drink plenty of water prior to stay hydrated.

During a drinking session it is good to:

  • Count your drinks.
  • Try and avoid having sugary beverages or energy drinks.
  • Drink plenty of water to keep hydrated.
  • Eat food during drinking sessions
  • Try not to drink alcohol closer than 4 hours before you plan to sleep.

After a drinking session it is good to:

  • Drink plenty of water to rehydrate.