October 27 2022

Expression of Interest: Join OzHelp’s Clinical Advisory Committee

Note: This opportunity is now closed.

OzHelp has been providing mental health support and suicide prevention services for over 20 years, commencing in the Australian Capital Territory and growing to include multiple locations for delivery of services around Australia, including remote and regional areas.

The over-arching purpose of OzHelp services is suicide prevention by improving and enabling people’s health and wellbeing. The organization has developed a reputation for workplace programs reflecting its origins in outreach to those who work in high risk, hard to reach occupations where vulnerability to mental health pressures occurs but is not easily addressed.


We are seeking individuals with skills and a special interest in mental health and suicide prevention to join our Clinical Advisory Committee, which meets four times per year.

We are looking for individuals with specific expertise in:

  • Evaluation / assessment;
  • General Practice;
  • Research

Terms of Reference

For a copy of the Terms of Reference, please email OzHelp’s Clinical Director at [email protected] or phone 02 6251 4166.

Thank you for your interest.