June 22 2022

OzHelp partner with Manteena Group to construct wellbeing best-practice in the workplace

On Tuesday 21 June 2022, OzHelp Foundation (OzHelp) announced a formal partnership with construction company Manteena Group, to deliver a Wellbeing Program tailored to complement Manteena’s current operations with application of best-practice approaches to workplace wellbeing.

The Wellbeing Program will utilise OzHelp’s existing evidence-informed health and wellbeing programs to provide early intervention health screening, build the capacity of individuals to notice the signs of distress in others, offer support and connect them to help, increase individuals awareness of risk and protective factors for mental health and suicide, adopt self-management strategies, seek help if required; and access to wellbeing support and counselling.

Bruce Papps, Chief Operating Officer, and Acting Chief Executive Officer of OzHelp said he is looking forward to strengthening a long-standing relationship through the collaborative nature of the partnership’s delivery,

“It’s important for organisations to have programs such as these in place to ensure people’s safety, wellbeing and satisfaction in the workplace. By collaborating on a higher-level to deliver an extremely tailored program that can be rolled out through Manteena’s core day-to-day operations, we can embed a program that will have a long-term, sustainable impact,”

OzHelp will be offering early intervention health screens known as Tradie Tune-Ups and Workplace Tune-Ups targeted at subcontractors and employees respectively, provide a focus on internal capacity and sustainability building through peer and leadership support training as well as access to ongoing 24/7 support and counselling.

Manteena Group Chief Executive Officer Mark Bauer said the integration of a program like this into the organisation will create a long-term benefit for all,

“This Wellbeing Program represents the next phase in Manteena Group’s ongoing journey to continuously improve the health and wellbeing of all of our people as well as those we interact with each day. We know that positive health and wellbeing is key to organisational success and sustainability. Manteena is excited to be partnering with OzHelp to deliver this Wellbeing Program to our team”.

The co-designed Wellbeing Program will provide Manteena’s employees with a diverse and contemporary range of services and initiatives to promote positive health and wellbeing in the workplace, tailored specifically to the way Manteena deliver their core operations ensuring best-practice is achieved.

For more information about OzHelp and their workplace programs, please head to www.ozhelp.org.au or email [email protected]. To access 24/7 support, building and construction workers can call 1300 694 357.