September 8 2020

Raising funds and awareness for mental health and suicide prevention

There is not much that Lesa O’Leary can’t do. As a mother and a grandmother, the wife of serving soldier, a nurse, and an OzHelper she had been labelled ‘the machine’, and it is for good reason.

Lesa runs OzHelp’s internal wellbeing program and is the ultimate role model when it comes to taking care of her own physical and mental health. Her weekly routine is peppered with exercise, mindfulness, and the odd lunchtime session of pilates or yoga for her team.

Not one to shy away from a challenge, Lesa is now taking on a Dry Triathlon (Dri-Tri) to raise funds for OzHelp’s suicide prevention programs. A journey she is motivated to take in support of those who have made positive changes to their lives and are stronger for it.

“I’m passionate about helping people to see that setting a goal can be hard at first, but by taking small steps, we can achieve anything if we set our minds to it,” said Lesa.

“When my husband moved to another State for work, I found that exercise was a way to support my own mental health. I felt clearer and more motivated to start each day with purpose and intent.”

“It was hard at first but now I see the benefits, and I am keen for others to experience how even the smallest change in our routine can have the biggest impact.”

Since 2017 Lesa has travelled the length and breadth of Australia promoting health and wellbeing within workplace communities where long hours, isolation, harsh environments, and stigma exists.

PBS Building, a current client and partner of OzHelp, has jumped at the chance to sponsor Lesa.

“We are excited to be able continue our partnership with OzHelp through the support of Lesa in her efforts for the Dri-Tri. She has been constant support to our workforce since 2017 and her positivity and encouragement is always welcome on site and in our offices,” said Nick Weatherstone from PBS.

“OzHelp’s programs complement our overall workplace health and wellbeing strategy, and we are thrilled to help create awareness of the important role that mental health education and suicide prevention can play across workplace communities.”

OzHelp’s workplace programs provide workers with mental health and wellbeing training, suicide awareness training and heath checks through either the Tradies Tune Up or the online digital health check.

These initiatives rely heavily on fundraising and donations to further their work in areas where stigma is pervasive and access to remote or isolated workers is difficult.

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